Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Cottage Corners And Our Freedom

There is a basket full of yarn sitting in the corner.  Two specific colors lay in wait for me to mold them into a scarf.  And not just any scarf, but the one that Harry Potter wears.  Why do I feel the need to share this with you?

My kids have never participated in Halloween.  This year they will.  They came to us together, all three, requesting a family meeting.

"Now that we are more free," my oldest daughter started, "can we do trick or treating this year?"

My heart was heavy.  I wondered to myself how many years they have wanted to and been interested in Halloween yet been afraid to mention it since they knew that we were against this "evil" holiday.  We are making changes, listening to our children, communicating and yes, being more free.

So, soon, our house will be transformed into one Rockstar Biker Chick, a Green Wicked Witch and Harry Potter.


  1. And enjoy every minute of it and your freedom! So excited for your family;)

  2. You can come by our house! We're giving out candy and Buck loves to decorate for Halloween. :)


  3. i grew up in a family that didn't do any holidays{including birthday}. i can remember my first birthday party because i was 19. yep! that said, i really love holidays now for their essence. i think it is beautiful that you and your family are opening to new things. i hope that you kiddos have awesome time on their first Halloween outing. trust me they will always remember and treasure it.


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