Friday, October 19, 2012

The things that make it difficult

I've talked about how our RV journey changed things and how I became seduced by simplicity but I'm here to tell you that it isn't easy.  I feel as though I'm in a constant state of re-evaluation.  I remember when buying the cottage, I said to myself that I will not exceed this ONE bookshelf.  (Our last house had three.) Rumi's poetry has me captivated, reading Oriah Mountain Dreamer is like meditation, and Ray Bradbury, he inspires me to write. 

Good books make it difficult.

I'm convinced that children love making messes.   Hopefully it's not just my crew.  They are often collecting bits of treasures from nature.  I love this about them but this isn't easy sometimes for a mama that wants things to be simple and neat and "everything in it's place."  I've had to learn to let go a little.  It's OK for them to bring home that special rock, I mean seriously, I'm the same way just with different items.

Creative kiddos make it difficult.

My husband is a biker dude.  Not just someone that has a bike and polishes it every now and then.  He rides every weekend with his group of friends through the mountains, does track days and has big dreams of doing some serious racing some day.  So we (yes, I ride with him) have racing gear, helmets, jackets, boots, headsets, sport bike magazines, etc.  It's his passion.

A passionate husband makes it difficult. 

I love simplicity.  At times I really miss our RV life where it forced us to let go of things but simple looks different for everyone.  I love watching my kids create art on the kitchen table, I love that they bring their rocks to me to admire and somehow remember the exact place that each one came from.  I love that I can grab a book off the shelf and introduce my authors/friends to others.  I love that I have books that I can give away.  I love that my husband comes home high on life and speed when he returns from his shenanigans.  

So yes, there are things that make it difficult but... some are worth keeping.


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