Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Lately :: Snippets From Our Life

We've been playing the card game golf, like, every day.  It's becoming our new favorite.  These are the faces of worried children as they realize the game is about to end and they've got lots of points still in their pile.  :)

Worried faces while playing games. LOL #unschooling #mylifeasworship

I got some alone mommy time to browse a thrift store and pick out a few favorites to add to the wardrobe.  This is a new experience for me, picking out my own clothes.  I'm a total hand-me-down addict but this process of unfolding my wings and finding my own style has me all giddy inside.

I went shopping (thrifting) yesterday and actually bought a couple things!!  #thisisprogress

We've been enjoying lots of time with this dude.  I think we are all going to miss him when he goes back to France.  He needs to stop teasing us with his presence and hurry up and stay already!  Here, he's teaching Cayla a bit about French cooking.

The Frenchman giving Cayla cooking lessons. #mylifeasworship #unschooling

And yes, of course, I had to post a green smoothie photo in here.  We are totally bringing them back!  Usually we don't do many smoothies in the winter but I'm realizing that our bodies need the nourishment SO we will just have to drink them in front of the wood stove.

Cheers to getting your greens on! #mylifeasworship #unschooling


  1. Hey Heather, out of curiosity who used to choose your clothes for you? Damien buys most of my clothes for me because I loathe most shopping and he's good at finding the outdoor stuff I need but about once every six months I make a trek to the goodwill type store and pick out a few items. And I also love hand-me-downs. I too have found my own style in last couple years and it feels really good. 


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