Monday, November 26, 2012

What Getting A Tree Looks Like In Our House

Each year, we go to the same place.  We grab our beverages, drive down the street and the kids jump out and run between the trees.  It's a hide and seek wonderland.

They have high hopes of not being spotted, but sometimes mommy catches them.

After the festivities and running around is over, we then go in search for that one perfect tree to bring home.  They find it and shower it with love, before it's even on our car.

The men shake her off, carefully bind her branches so that the ride home will be kind to her, then they secure her to our vehicle.

Once home, daddy carefully removes her binding and then, it's time for the great reveal.

And the decorating begins.  Theres usually hot chocolate or eggnog following the big event and then we all cuddle together for our tradition of watching A Christmas Story.  It's perfect.  At least, we think so.

I love my life!


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