Saturday, December 29, 2012

2012 Was Amazing :: And Heres Why

I ran a half marathon with a friend.  In Florida.  At Disney.
It was amazingly epic.

I got to meet new artist friends and introduce them to hooping
A new sister.

We traveled to Florida, Tennessee, Texas, California
the many travels as a family were amazing.

The hubby and I drove a motorcycle all the way to Maine.
It was wonderful.  It was romantic.  It was magical.

We went to the beach with friends
and swam with the dolphins.

Swimming with #dolphin friends at #HiltonHead

We found the expression tunnel 
and left our marks.

it was wonderful.

We attended the Wide Sky Days Conference
a dream come true.  
It resulted in friendships that will last forever.

We learned how to break boards.

I let go of my hair
and had friends give me a pixie.

Cayla got her first boyfriend
and we think he's pretty great too.

This woman taught me the secret
to dancing in public
when you were taught that dancing was wrong.
it worked.

 We jumped off of a cliff.
all of us.

even the mamas.

We went to Mexico.
What an adventure.

The pixie was awesome
but I decided to let it all go
so he shaved my head.

We added new ink.
So much meaning and story here.

Traveling Essentials.  #coffee #artjournal

We bought a gypsy wagon
she's a beauty
that will take us on many more adventures
in 2013.

We took the kids trick or treating
for the first time.

The bike clan had
just a few broken bones
but GREAT attitudes
and new stories to tell.

We went camping with friends
and tested out the gypsy wagon.

More awesome visitors
and new friends.

Unfortunately this dude is still in and out of the country.
We soaked up all the time we could
while he was here.

(ahem.  get your butt back here uncle Cedric)

The biker wives all bonded over wine and laughter

Cayla and I got to meet an author
who encouraged both of us
in our adventures with publication.

The kids built a tree house.
Mostly by themselves.

that sold out.
More is coming.

We got to spend time with family.
On an island.
Making memories.

We actually became ourselves this year.
We let go of the apologies.
And embraced our own Truths.

It's so gorgeous outside.  I can breathe here, thank you Mama Earth.

We are thrilled to see what 2013
has in store.


  1. I love this!  2012 was quite a year for your family...can't wait to see what 2013 brings!

  2. What an amazing year 2012 was for you! I am hoping the next few years will bring me as much freedom and adventure!!!
    Happy new year and all the best for 2013.

  3. Congrats on the gypsy wagon. We traveled in our toy hauler across the country this past summer and it was the most amazing thing we have ever done as a family. And your haircut is beautiful. It was a joy to read about your yeat.

  4. 2012 WAS a crazy year for y'all! Looks like you enjoyed every minute!

  5. Fantastic!  I'm so proud of you- all of this brave amazingness is just simply YOU!

  6. is ur to girls name hannah and cayla mattern i use to live at a camp grounds with u guys we would play every day i miss u guys and we were bffs i have not been able to talk to or see u guys forever


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