Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December Views 2012 :: On Art

Some of you have asked about our art journal, our altered books and all things art related in our life.  It's difficult to share "how to's" since there really are no rules.  The process is different for each person.  Some love to sketch, to paint, to glue, and others prefer scribbling quotes over white paint.


For us, we like the tearing process, the ripping apart of old magazines, scouring them for secret messages and images that inspire us or leave us feeling encouraged regarding our goals and purposes.

Some of our favorite art materials are ::

Mod Podge.  Of Course!

Used books ::  I love using books as the "bones" of our journals.  I love seeing the words shine through the paint, it reminds me of this writing life.

Gesso.  Oh how we adore Gesso.  It's where we begin on most days.  (I confess, I often apply it with my fingers.)

We love Oil Pastels (Portfolio Brand is my favorite) and Watercolor Crayons when we are in the mood to add color.

Index cards are great for turning into little mini canvas's, they make great art gifts.


You can read more about art journaling from The Art Journaler Website.  Those ladies are super inspiring.

In case you are a visual person, like myself, I'm being vulnerable and letting you take a peek into my journals ::

The words were stuck together so I embraced both #adventwindows #listen and #visit #listeningtointuition

Growth happens slowly, one ink blot at a time.  Inspired by: @emilylagore #mandala #doodle #artjournal #secretmessages

Vision gives us the focus to do.  #becomingavisionary #artjournal #secretmessages #alteredbook

I Crash Frequently.. #secretmessages

Playing with #coffee grounds in my #artjournal Loving it! #taj

#artjournal prompt by @stargardener #courage #taj


  1. I love love love this post. Thank you for sharing your intimate, creative process with us! I am still finding my way on this journey...and it's inspiring to see other's ideas and words. Someday, let's create together!! 

  2. thank you for this peek at the pages of your journal and heart.
    i like how you've used old books as the bones for your journal, allowing the words to sometimes come through...what a fabulous added layer.
    you just may have inspired me... ;)


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